11 Best 123Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites


You remember that there was a wide variety of content on 123Movies for those who managed to browse movies on the 123movies platform. Downloading high protection films of the Internet, originating in Vietnam, from broad studios, is possible. Like most of the pages, it has been a joy to take the gamble of streaming a film which is typically only available on commercial services.

Interestingly, a register or subscription was also not required for the site. You became nearly untraceable if you used a Virtual Private Network (VPN). And this page did not even illustrate a banner of advertising as is the case with many movie pages.

Users began asking what could cover it when the Website went offline. This coincided luckily with the advent of legitimately legit platforms needing a paying fee, while still allowing you to watch several films and shows without having to rent them individually. 

Here are some of the top choices which do not require a video lease or sales price. These programmes satisfy the needs of those who prefer a varied and unique selection of films.

What is 123Movies?

123movies is a piracy website to stream the newest Bollywood and Hollywood films. 123movies is one of the websites that are the world’s biggest video streaming site since this is the Website where people can print HD films on the new release.

This cannot be achieved on any other torrent website. Much of the viewers connect with this platform because the new Bollywood & Hollywood movies are not available on any other website until 123movies are made. However, Google prevents the downloading of copyright material on the torrent site in the United States.

But not every country’s legislation is the same in 2020, 123 movies will still be used. In the last couple of years, film theft has hit and missed. The one name that strikes a nerve is 123movies concerning Video Privacy.

GoMovies Proxy and Mirror Websites

Here are a couple of the 123films’ mirrors. All these web pages, which we all like, are completely open and secure. It’s safer if you take our advice and pass this 123movies proxy.

These websites are typically like 123 movies, except just second-party pages. But some will take you to a third-party connection. You can choose from them or access other websites that are connected to a second party. You can find a lot of needless and undesirable stuff on several pages. Proxy 123movies is the best medium on the Internet to enjoy an excellent time.

  1. 123moviess.cc
  2. 123moviestv.to
  3. 123moviesfree.net
  4. 123-movies.com
  5. 123moviesgo.ga
  6. 123moviesgofree.ga
  7. movies123.work
  8. 123Movies.unblockall.org
  9. 0123movies.gdn

11 Best 123Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites (2021)

11 Best 123Movies Alternatives in 2020 are:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a film piracy site, and it posts pirate material. The new Hollywood & Bollywood movies are available to download. Pirate Bay is a long-term, torrent-based website. For entertainment and many other items, people use this pirated stuff.

the pirate bay

2. Putlocker

You can stream all forms of movies from here, Putlocker is a website of piracy. It’s free to stream movies from Putlocker at no cost. If you’re a film fan looking for a website where the sneak peeks can be viewed, Putlocker is the spot for you. 


3. YTS

YTS is the best video film website to watch. There are several websites serving movies, but you can do two things on this YTS page. YTS helps the User to stream movies and to watch them live on the web. Several places allow you to access the material online. 


4. 1337x

1337x is website piracy which uploads Internet pirated content. Everyone use this site to download movies. The film serves various content forms such as Hollywood and Bollywood films. This Website was launched a couple of years ago and still works. They easily conquer all the piracy problems in their several blocks.


5. KickkassTorrent

The most popular search engine for film, apps, mp3, songs and videos are KickassTorrents. Because of high piracy, KickassTorrents even pull the TPB down in several countries.


Nevertheless, several development firms have developed a proxy to unblock KickassTorrents.


It is a movie piracy platform and was first established in 2008. The torrent was the world’s most visited location in 2014 since this is the page where you can view the new HD movies.


No other torrent website can achieve this. Most people connect with this Website as the new Hollywood and Bollywood movies do not have any other website posted until RARBG. 


Most movie lovers are currently familiar with EZTV. Every day thousands of users visit the Website. However, several countries are banning the Website for piracy.


So the user only sees a blank screen in front of him if he tries to enter the Website from a blocked country.

8. GoMovies

The most famous torrent platform is GoMovies. This torrent website publishes new films by a third party. Yet GoMovies were also prohibited because of piracy concerns, yet they returned with a new domain name.

Go Movies

GoMovies is ExtraTorrent’s alternate Website. Often called a video piracy site, GoMovies has pirated contents uploaded. Users can download the latest Hollywood & Bollywood movies.

9. KatMovieHD

Katmoviehd is a website for film piracy. The film lovers are trendy. The new Hollywood & Bollywood films are uploaded quicker than any other film server.


A couple of years ago, the Katmoviehd website was launched. The Website also works tirelessly to support the most sophisticated content of the customer.

10. Movierulz

Movierulz is one of the most popular places in the world for the torrent. This is the page where you can print the new HD movies. Most users connect on this web site because, before Movierulz, no other web site does upload the most recent films from Bollywood and Hollywood.


11. Couchtuner

Couchtuner is a targeted website to stream new films and television programmes in the United States. As on every other platform, Couchtuner uploads the new English movies quicker. For Hollywood film fans, it is the first suggestion. So, it’s best to watch Hollywood films online with Couchtuner. Couchtuner is the 123movies’ most common choice.

Couch Tuner

Is 123movies safe?

The most stable online viewing option is to use a VPN to access videos from web pages such as 123movies or GoMovies. You will be able to view your online activities and decide 123movies without a VPN, internet providers, hackers or third parties.

The VPNs, which we counsel, will keep you online by giving you access to websites that could be geo-restricted in your current spot.

Is 123Movies legal?

The legality of video streaming sites such as 123films depends on your country of residence. Each nation has its federal regulations on intellectual property, piracy and violation of copyright.

123movies which not in some instances hold the full licence for the films sold by their visitors. In certain western countries, it’s legal for users to download movies or videos from those websites, whether a licence or copyright owns it.

However, some attorneys claim that it would be unethical for end-users to borrow movies from the same online services when they might own the intellectual rights of a different corporation. However, in most cases, the Website itself not the end-user will be kept accountable.

This theoretical risk underlines the need for online privacy and instruments such as VPNs. Third parties may want to know which users are broadcasting films and videos from similar sites to 123films. When visiting 123movies or other streaming services via the VPN, your surfing history and personal information would be secure from third parties.

What happened to 123Movies?

In March 2019, the official website 123Movies closed with a message on its Website saying that filmmakers are valued by paying for films and television shows. This means that after 2018 each site is a replica from another’s original site.

What is 123movies New Site Name?

123movies.to was the initial name, the URL, which was re-directed to gomovies and changed to other domains, including 123movies.is.

Final Words

123Movies has been one of the biggest sites to download free film until it has been the official Website. However, after the government authorities placed a ban on their leading site, so many imitation sites have begun to demand the official mirror.

However, as we know, only a few 123Movies websites operate, but most proxy and mirror websites appear to be branded with 123Movies.

We have attempted to find the best 123Movies solutions to replace the 123Movies platform in this report. All the free pages have been protected so you can have more options. As a result, you will choose what is best for you. The most outstanding issue with free platforms is the extent to which they display so many distracting advertisements.

In comparison, VPNs can retain anonymity and have access to geo-restriction content in other countries, including sites such as Netflix. NordVPN is personally advised and further covered.

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