Top 9 Best Astrology Software in 2020

Best Astrology Software

When you are thinking about some Astrology software, you always think about future scope and all types of possibilities.

Everybody is very much curious to know about his or her future because everybody is trying to build a career that will give maximum returns.

Astrology is a science that involves complicated mathematical calculations based on astrology myths of different planets and stars.

There are many ways of using astrology software all over the world by various astrologers.

Best 9 astrology software to try in (2020)

All you need is the trusted Astrology software and the perfect type of data. Many technologies have made our lives much much simpler with the help of Computers.

So, We have compiled a list of Top 9 Astrology software that we tried and tested for your convenience.

1. Leo Star Expert:-

Leo Star Expert is the topmost Astrology software on Future behalf because it gives the accurate calculations all about astrology systems. It contains all valuable Eg. Festival-Tables astrology, Matching Muhurat, Vedic astrology tools, Panchang, Mantra, and Pitri Dosh.


LeoStar is an astrology software for PC that has a very big client. It is the most expensive Astrology software because of the expert class of astrologers.

Analysis with 100 percent accurate gems highly software, Ratna Dasha, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Prediction calculations.

2. AstrolDeluxe:-

The AstrolDeluxe software can create astrological charts for all prediction needs while layout Astro Carto Graphy maps for you to study for the best results.

The software can also create home-specific reports, focus on these particular aspects of the prediction, to create more detailed predictions.

This software works on the principle of record and the movements of the planetary solar system. It mentions the cause and effects of some movement happening stars.

This software allows you to create control groups use that already exists and collect data, compare the results, and also verify the best accuracy.

3. LeoStar Light:-

LeoStar Light is created for the demands of the community. Astrologers believe that every astrologer has unique ways of creating and predict, therefore, they also referred to use astrology tools or Kundli software.


LeoStar Light has Tevar Tables, astrology,  ratan dosh, and Mundane and other modules-package which may be selected from the list. It is among the most used free Software among the astrologers all around the world.

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4. Intrepid:-

Intrepid is a unique feature of astrological software. It is not based on everyday astrology. It is a more powerful creation tool, that represents the real science of astrology.

New astrological symbol methods to help improve the accuracy of your predictions.  It has five new ways of progress that can’t be found in other software.

This software’s included ACD atlas to help you point the exact coordinated on earth ever need, without any error. The software help you predict adding a perfectly accurate calculation system.

5. LeoStar Standard:-

LeoStar standard is another best Astrology software that contains all standard predictions like astrology calculations, matching intimate calculations.

This Astrology software caters to all fundamental needs of knowledge astrologers by incorporated modules Eg: Tables, Astrology & Matching.

Leostar standard Astrology Software
Leostar standard

This software casts a horoscope for marriage and never-matching the horoscopes this will be considered as Standard software i.e. LeoStar Home and Leostar Beginner the great Matching calculations have not been included.

6. Leo Touch Professional:-

This Astrology software designed for android mobile. It is also used by all professional astrologers and contains all important astrology calculation of all systems.

Many users use horoscopes for their clients, family members, and friends.

All important astrology software like matching, varshphal, Lal Kitab, Nanchang, muhurat, KP & horary, numerology is included.

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7. Leo Forecast:-

Leo Forecast is the best Astrology software for people who are professionals in the Share market because it helps them to knowledge the share market trends.

They combine mathematics and astrology to predict the absolute perfection up and downs of the share market.

Leostar forecast
Leostar forecast

It works mainly on data from the past and present alongside the Analysis of market trends.

The one blow of share market can ruin a share market investor completely right prediction about market trend can turn into a billionaire.

8. Janus:-

Janus uses the movements of stars, planets, and the happenings in our solar system in and out.

The software can also make an accurate calculation of astrological predictions based on all three types of techniques, Medieval period Horary and Uranian. This makes the software versatile. It uses for the Medieval period of old tradition to always give an accurate prediction.

9. Keplar:-

Keplar is another Astrology software for beginners and professionals that want the product to be worth paying because it costs a huge sum of money and everybody wants something in return.

It has good customer support that can help you always. Its user interfaces to make everything easier to be accessible.

Kepler Astrology software
Kepler Astrology software

Keplar comes to a bundle of all the basic tools and utility accessories, along with some extras that can help to improved knowledge of prediction and your experience.

This system included all the data series and the latest positions of all planetary objects directly from NASA. That ensured optimum accuracy in all the predictions without tension about it.


Astrology software predicts your future happenings but they are only possible if you truly work towards. It does not mean that if some Astrology software has predicted your future it will gonna happen to you at any cost, it is not true. We recommend you not to believe them blindly but have faith in your hard work and your god.

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