Top 11 Best Karaoke Apps 2020 – Latest Updated Apps

Best 11 Karaoke Apps

If you are a song lover and have a passion for singing but you don’t have a budget to buy instruments for singing. You can use these 11 Karaoke Apps on your smartphone.

This is a golden opportunity for all music content creators to use these apps to showcase their talent on a global level and create a fan following across social media platforms.

Best Karaoke Apps to try in 2020

These apps will help you to forget bad memories from your life. And even make you a good singer with quality skills.

Here’s a list of Best 11 Karaoke Apps (2020):-

1. SMULE: Sing! Karaoke

Using this Karaoke singing app, singers can easily create a solo, duet, and group singing performances along with their favorite singing stars around the world.

Best Karaoke apps

The amazing audio effects available on SMULE makes you feel like a star and also allows sharing of performances across social media platforms. It has changed the way we interact with others through Karaoke Apps.

Smule also lets you sing a duet with your favorite artists like Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Jason Derulo, and Jessie J among countless others.

2. Yokee Karaoke: Sing Unlimited Songs 

Yokee is very easy to use and an extremely user-friendly karaoke singing app. Its use of material design and clear navigation make it just a matter of seconds to find your favorite song and start singing. After you’re done, you can easily share the result with your friends.

Best Karaoke apps

With the very well maintained rating, yoke karaoke app is enjoyed nationwide with a total of 16.2K ratings, more than 90 Million users are enjoying this app because it has a wide range of music videos, one can record their video and get famous and known for their performance, you can also connect through the internet with the world and watch other’s videos and rate them too.

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3. Sing Karaoke by Starmaker:

StarMaker is a top karaoke app that lets you pick up the top and most popular songs from its collections. It has an inbuilt cutting edge voice enhancement feature to ensure the karaoke performance recorded is of the best quality.  It allows you to sing karaoke like you are a real star.

Best Karaoke apps

It let you edit your voice after record the song or while you are recording. You can also share your voice with your friends and family. If you take karaoke singing seriously, you can watch yourself rise the ranks as you outperform other users on your favorite songs.

4. Karafun – Karaoke Party

Karafun features over 35 thousand songs to sing yourself or sing with friends. Some updates come out every week that will put even more songs within the app as well. When you find the songs you love to sing, simply favorite them.

Best Karaoke apps

There are great features in this app for the best karaoke including vocal leads to grow confidence, pitch adjustments, and offline modes. Also, the interface of this app is stunning and beautiful. That makes it a premium looking app with amazing features.

5. The Voice

The VOICE has a good collection of artists’ voices. One of the best features of this app the more songs you sing, the more songs you unlock. It released new tracks every day so you can easily get a new track every day.

Best Karaoke Apps
The Voice

If you know and watch the worldwide karaoke show “The Voice”, you might have noticed what’s special about this app. Yes, The Voice: On Stage is the official app for this show.

6. My Voice: 

Probably the best way to showcase your singing as well as the lyrical talent to the music industry worldwide. It allows you to sing a unique song along with the title track. The best feature of this app is to work with your fingertips so you can easily manage this app and easily record your voice and video.

Best Karaoke apps
My Voice

If your dream is to be a singer and you want a platform then you can use this app on your iOS device. Sing and record your performance and also share it with your friends, family, and fans via social media.

7. Voloco – Voice Tune

Voloco is a great Karaoke App that is available on most smartphones. You can easily record your musical performances to share with others on social media and online. There are options to record your songs or to pick songs from the detailed list of those available.


There is vocal effect presets and autotune features available for use. These autotune features will tune your voice to the key of the song or beat you have chosen for your music. You can even export just your voice in past tracks to add over future tracks.

It has six different vocal effects available to use them according to your interest and easily correct your voice to be like a star.

8. Midifun Karaoke [Free]

Midifun Karaoke is a highly popular virtual reality singing app that allows you to sing and showcase your talent in real life. For the uninitiated, it’s as simple as having fun on a social networking site. All you need is a Facebook or MySpace account.


With your phone, it will guide you through a song, just like a Karaoke machine would do. On my first night, I didn’t know a single word of Spanish, but I sang a few bars, and by the end of the night I was well on my way to becoming fluent in the language.

You would never think that you’re going to be comfortable while performing for others, especially if you have never tried out any other type of singing.

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9. Baby Karaoke for KIDS

The main feature that differentiates this karaoke app from others is the collection of songs available, which majorly consists of songs for kids. An easier way to make your kids learn the famous kid Bollywood numbers and nursery rhymes.

Baby Karaoke for kids
Baby Karaoke for kids

So if you looking for a singing career for your kid, then Baby Karaoke is the best platform to give it a start.  It has a good collection of songs for kids. It has built a variety of rhymes and songs that your kids can easily listen to and learn.

10. WeSing (Free)

WeSing is one of the highly-rated Karaoke apps on Google Play. It always gets included in the search results for a karaoke app 9 out of 10 times. They remain competitive in the karaoke app race because of the app’s interactive nature.

WeSing Karaoke App

WeSing lets you discover new friends through their features. Their “DUET” feature not only allows you to create videos with your friends, but you can also do singing performances with other users in the community. Your co-performers can leave a comment or like on your videos which enhances interaction with other members.

We Sing also has a feature of music editing so that users can enhance the audio output of their performance.

11. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

The last app of this list is quite different than the others, but if you can’t find your favorite songs in the libraries of other apps, it will be very handy. SlingPlayer provides a solution to this problem by converting any MP3 songs in your phone into karaoke format.

Sing Play
Sing Play

The vocals of the song are removed or can be reduced depending on your preference. This feature may not work on all of your MP3 songs, but it has been proven to work on songs that are on top of the Billboard list today. If you’re having any trouble finding a karaoke version of a song, head on to SingPlay and have your song converted.


Unfortunately, if you directly head on to the Play Store, you may find a lot of non-functional karaoke applications. However, to save your time, we picked the Best 11 Karaoke Apps available at the Play Store for this list. If you want to simply utilize YouTube’s database, you can get started with the Karaoke online app.

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