11 Best GOMovies Alternatives & Similar Sites (2021)


Today, around the world, there are a hundred OTT channels. It’s not technically possible that we can sign up for all the sites without a big shot; that’s good. This is when websites such as GOMovies Alternatives are needed. However, in some countries, GoMovies is restricted or illegal. Perhaps you want to check GoMovies for the right options.

Too many websites like GoMovies are out, but most were taken down and closed. Given the many guests and famous names, they just quit working.

What is GoMovies?

If you wish to stop this, you will guarantee that you never run out of entertainment by understanding the choices that GoMovies makes. And what websites do you want to visit and pick?

GoMovies is one of the largest Hollywood and Netflix Film or TV series websites to stream. This global piracy website offers a massive resource for downloading/streaming free online films and shows.

GoMovies is a beautiful cinema video platform. It’s now difficult for people to find it, which can be cautious because it might appear to anyone to look for the new movies. Landing on the wrong sites can affect your privacy, so you need exact details about which site you want to visit.

GoMovies Proxy and Mirror Websites:

As described above, GoMovies does not operate in certain parts of the world.

Either the government placed a ban or faces ISP limitations owing to the copyright of the content.

The proxy and mirror sites in GoMovies are useful in this situation. A mirror or proxy site is, as the name implies, a copy of the main sites to provide the same data as seen in the principal domains.

GoMovies have dozens/hundreds of proxy sites that do not function sometimes. We cannot, however, guarantee whether or not these sites are still running.

Below is the list of GoMovies few functioning proxy/mirrors sectors.

  1. gomovie.ms
  2. 0123movies.su
  3. Gomovies.guru
  4. Gomovies.cool
  5. Go123movies.io
  6. Gomovies.ltd
  7. Gomovies.mx

Top 11 GoMovies Alternatives & Similar Sites

1. TV Series Net

If you are searching for entertainment services like GoMovies, this site should be included within your must-have list. The newest and latest flicks are also available but do not forget that this Website is for TV and movie shows. It’s a breeze to find the newest episode or production.

TV Series Net

The fact that it offers a free streaming service and the streaming quality alone is robust and stable, making this site quite interesting and one of the best GOMovies Alternatives.

2. YoMovies

 This is another fantastic website for viewing films online free of charge and without login or download. Movies and programs are grouped first by language and then by type. The only drawback is that here when you press the Play button, you’re facing three annoying popups to stream footage. Close them all together and watch your favorite film.


3. MovieWatcher

The best way to watch movies and TV shows is this online movie streaming platform, without a subscription fee. MovieWatcher publishes more than 90% of its films through third-party streaming player links on this Website.


When you visit some websites to watch videos, you have to remember that you do not ask for your personal information when you talk about the slogan, ‘Watch a movie for free: we are legal.’ Please note to prevent high costs by including no personal information such as Credit Card information.

4. Vidics

Vidics is a real competitor to the WebsiteWebsite of GoMovies, where you can stream streaming films free of charge. This Website not only gives you free access to films, but it also helps you to stream movies from around the world. The top tabs allow you to check for various categories.


One of the primary tabs on this page is the “Schedule” category, where you can find a list of regular updates on films and television shows. Each movie has a concise summary of its subject and evaluations of the actors’ success. All its features ended up making it the best GOMovies Alternatives.

5. Viooz

The GUI of Viooz is identical to YesMovies. As the Website is very social and user friendly, every new movie is updated. If the other places listed above are well known to you, it will be similar for you to search Viooz. The Website presents so many distracting popup advertisements while watching videos, and almost ten ads will undoubtedly appear on every new tab before the video is loaded. 


And when downloading movies, you’ll experience the same issue as a whole too. The site and presence of Viooz were regularly updated with the appearance of the latest homepage from time to time. It has become even more enticing and structured through recent developments and become the best GOMovies Alternatives.

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6. MovieFlixter

MovieFlixter is another less well recognized free video streaming platform, selecting new HD-resolution films for the ultimate viewing experience. Without any limit, you can watch streaming videos for free.

Best GOMovies Alternatives

7. Oakmovies

Oakmovies is another website where you can access free online films that take many similitudes from GoMovies. Although this WebsiteWebsite does not look familiar to you, it has all the new movies recently seen in the film and an extensive library of old films.

Best GOMovies Alternatives

8. Cmovies

Enjoy the premium website features free of charge! Here, you can have a fun viewing experience and enjoy premium content without any discount. The list of the new films and TV shows listed on the Website and a segment of the TV shows and the videos requested is open. 

Best GOMovies Alternatives
C Movies

Therefore, their audience is essential to them. Anything you might look for is focused on the country, the country, the IMDb ratings, and more. But you can quickly arrange movies on this platform if you still have any questions about what to see. A wide range of nations, including India, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the USA, the United Kingdom, and others, are funding Cmovies. 

It lets you enjoy a high-quality image with excellent sound and no intrusion whatsoever. Thus when you try to enjoy yourself, you are not trapped in advertising. No matter what you watch, you will find yourself right here.

9. Fmovies

This site has an extensive archive, allowing several films to be host at once. This Website even updates the collections regularly. On this Website, you can upload new updates. It provides diverse genres, from drama to animation. 

Best GOMovies Alternatives

Fmovies also has a robust UI, so streaming is fun and simple. Often because of any limitations on their territories, citizens cannot access the Website. If you ever come across this dilemma, you can use a VPN.

10. Vumoo

Vumoo has an appealing style with a wide variety of fascinating films. If you want a unique platform without signing up to captivate movies, the next destination is Vumoo. 

Best GOMovies Alternatives

In reality, Vumoo is a sophisticated and elegant website with an extensive collection of about 60,000 films and TV-shows. The site managers are still updated to the database of new movies and TV shows.

11. Hulu

At one point or the other, you already heard of Hulu and this is the best GOMovies Alternatives. For a paying subscription, you can enjoy high-quality streaming here. Although the plans are very inexpensive, it is a quite excellent solution to your entertainment needs. Though you pay to see what you want, This is a trustworthy website that helps you watch without any publicity anything you want, making it an outstanding choice. 

Best GOMovies Alternatives

Regardless of the TV you choose, it has extra features for Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and Starz. You will find it right here on Hulu, and make sure you have it in just one place. There’s no have to wait to get the commercials. There are no fears here since you have the best thing of the best, relax in front of your TV with a snack.

How to Visit Sites Like GoMovies Anonymously?

Anonymous VPN (virtual private networking) program helps you to visit all web streaming sites. Consider a VPN like a secret tunnel linking your device to some website. Daily web traffic is kind of like vehicles on the highway: anyone can see where they’re all headed, and occasionally they can see what their passengers are doing in a moving vehicle’s cabin.

If you’re not going to see where you’re supposed to drive into a private tube, the only option is to navigate through your internet service provider. You need to register for a VPN service to create a stable VPN link. Most of the VPN services run servers worldwide, allowing you to easily pick any IP address you like and circumvent geographical restrictions.

For each month of service, you can expect to pay from $2 to $15. Many VPN service providers give a risk-free trial period during which you can unsubscribe without offering any reason to return your subscription instantly.

Is GoMovies illegal?

It depends from country to country. What you watch, and what you do with the stuff, depends.

Copyright infringements restrict GoMovies in certain parts of the world. Therefore, it frequently switches to new domains and proxy sites to distribute its content in a whack-a-mole challenge.

Final Words

In this GOMovies Alternatives article, we presented some popular websites with free as well as paid options for GoMovies. Streaming becomes more familiar with more people cutting the cord” and turning away from their television. The new series will be your favorite shows or sports from your computer, tablet, or mobile.

Without leaving home or having to subscribe, you can watch new movies and television. Some involve irritating or geo-restricted publicity, but with a VPN, it is easy to overcome.

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