21 Best Sites Like Rainiertamayo to Watch Movies & Shows


In the 21st century, people are more devoted to making their career and future, they work or study, and it’s tough to go out because of tiredness. Many people prefer to stay at home by doing nothing in their free time and probably watching movies and shows.

With the advanced technology and resources, we can get many measures of fun right at your homes like games on phone or laptop, movies are available everywhere for free, or some might charge you a little amount of money. Many sites provide movies and TV shows for free.

21 Top Sites Like Rainiertamayo to Watch Movies & Shows

You can enjoy your free time by looking at any genre of movies/ shows you like. If we look on internet movie dates, and it is quite famous among youngsters 54and all you need is to look for sites that provide free movies or paid one, whichever you prefer and some snacks, and binge-watching.

It is not like there’s the only platform to find movies; the internet has many service providers. Start looking for those sites or keep reading this article because we will mention many sites where you will find everything related to movies and shows.

What is Rainiertamayo?

Rainiertamayo is an online site that streams videos of movies and TV shows. The site provides you excellent content with good quality for free; it doesn’t charge anything to its user, so you can directly access all the content.

This site contains old movies; it is updated with all the current going shows and movies. Rainiertamayo assures you to provide all the content you need on its platform. Rainiertamayo goes by many names like Rainiertamayo movies, rainier movies, etc.

The site is very user-friendly, and it has excellently categorized its content, making it easier for seekers to get what they are looking for easily. On the top bar portion of the site, it has categories as:-

Home: it shows all short out categories and movie content.

Genre: Rainiertamayo includes every genre possible like comedy, romance, thriller, and much. By clicking on a genre, you will get the list of all genres included in rainiertamayo. A whole list of movies and shows will open when you click on the desired genre.

Movies: This category includes only movies on the site. You can choose from the list of what to watch.

TV shows: This category only includes TV shows.

Search bar: on the search bar, you can directly type the name of movies/shows you want to watch.

The site also has additional categories as Suggestion, recommended, cinema, new release, latest updates, most viewed, best rated, year of release, and genre names.

21 Sites like Rainiertamayo.

1. Sony Crackle

Sony pictures manage this site so that we can have high hopes for this site. It is an entirely free site with the best quality content. Its quality does not get stretched; it is always in high quality on every device, varying from smartphone to laptop to TV screen.

As it is a free site, its only source of income is ads playing, but the plus point is that the ads don’t play between the video to keep watching the movie without any disturbance. 


This site is restricted to the region; it’s not available everywhere, so open it along with a good VPN. This also has its application, and you will only need to sign in to get the content; no charges are applied.

2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is quite famous for its self ways, apart from being similar to rainiertamayo. It is a free site that has HD quality content along with data saving mode so that you can save your precious data for a bit longer but not for too long because this site is worth binge-watching.

Along with online streaming of the sites, it gives downloading, which is a great option. All of the movies available on the platform are available in multiple dubbed languages, so you can check if the audio is available in your regional language because they try to cover it in the maximum possible languages.

Popcorn Time

Many few sites provide subtitles, and that category includes popcorn time; it has all the content with good subtitles. It has ads, but they are limited so that it won’t be unbearable for you.

3. Popcorn Flix

It includes all the movies and TV shows, but for your interest, it also includes short films, which is quite rare in other sites. Popcorn flix is an entirely free site; it gets some ads popping out, but nothing to worry they are limited.

Popcorn Flix

It provides you additional information about the movie like description, reviews, and cast, etc. All of its content is well categorized on the main page; you won’t have to do multiple clicks.

It got documentaries, standup comedy, and Asian dramas, making it unique to other sites. It is a free site, but you might need to log in.

4. Primewire

The most significant plus point of this site is that it has no ads, and it is a free site that won’t even bother to ask you for registration. It has most of its content in 360p, which is decent quality, but you can choose the subscription if you want the HD one.


It has a very decent front page, elementary yet focused on finding the perfect movies and shows. All of its content is categorized on the top left click as genre, country, last added, movies, TV shows, Top IMDB ratings, and top watched.

On the main page, it gives you the option for filters to apply as type, quality, release year, subtitle, genre, and country and the next option is for premium and feedback, cool, right?

5. 123 Movies

123 Movies also go by name go stream; it is quite familiar for a site to change names after legal procedures. This site already had a vast amount of movies and TV shows, but the plus point is that it also includes Anime and Asian dramas.

Along with the online streaming option, it lets you download the movie, and all of its content is in HD quality for free. It has movies from way back to the 1930s to 2020.


The site provides you a category called the “trending section” to get to know what’s popular these days. It also has its application, which gained pretty good ratings on the PlayStore.

6. Watch Series

This site has absolutely no ads popping in mid of your precious movies. This is a free site with all of its content entirely in HD quality and has all the content well dubbed.

It also provides you subtitles to make it easier to understand the plot going on. It has all the content well categorized.

Watch Series

They have multiple filter options making it easier to search for the desired content—all of the videos available with additional information like description, cast, director, and many more.

7. Movies Time

This site also has its application and is entirely free. The site provides its content in almost every language possible, which makes it more fun to use. The quality variation is from the primary 360p to HD quality; chose whatever suits you. This site claims to have minimum ads and promising a better surfing experience.

Movies Time

8. Hubmovies

It has a very advanced search box that properly guides you to your movie and shows. This site is entirely free and tries to stop full popping ads disturbing your fun, and it gives you the feature of placing a request on the platform for the content which isn’t available yet, taking itself a step closer to being the favorite of users. All of the movies and shows are with a detailed description, making you easily understand the plot.


9. Fmovies

This site has a straightforward front page which looks classy and clean. The content is categorized on the left side with a long list of detailed categories: genre, countries, tv-series, top ratings, alphabetical list, and news.


News is the different quality of this platform. It gives you additional information about stars and all the gossips going on. This is a free site, and it won’t bother you for forceful sign in or registration. You might have to cope up with ads playing in between movies.

10. Putlocker

This is a free site, which doesn’t even require a tiresome registration process. All of its content is uploaded in such a managed manner that they have ratings, descriptions, and even subtitles along with them.


All the content is easy to search by the filter options for genre, language, and alphabets.

11. Yo-Movies

There are not many sites that will give you a vast range of quality options, but this site has its range from SD, HD, and 3D and next. It is free to surf and don’t even have the formality of making an account.


It gives you rating options, which is very important to look for good content. This site is primarily famous for Bollywood, or we can say Indian cinema movies.

12. Megashare9

It includes all the movies from various regions, including Asian drama and Bollywood movies, and Hollywood stuff. This site directly does not upload the video like that is a risky process, and you can face any copyright issues, so to prevent that, it provides you the link of other sites.


On clicking, the links you will get the clip of movies from different sites like F movies and many more.

13. TV Muse

It has a very chic and cool feature that allows you to connect to people worldwide. Imagine meeting people of similar tastes and lifestyles. 


This will allow you to build a watch list for yourself, which will keep the record and won’t let you miss anything. All of its content is in HD quality and free. It also has a premium feature, which will provide you additional benefits.

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14. Netflix

Who hasn’t heard of Netflix?  Netflix is the most popular content provider and maker site. It is not a free site, but all the shows and movies are worth paying for with excellent quality and whatnot.


This includes everything relayed to content documentaries, movies, shows, Anime, Asian drama, and much more. 

15. Solar Movies

It gives you detailed additional information possible for a movie from description to cast, director, reviews and trailer, etc. Solar Movies also has its content for multiple reasons and well-dubbed content. 


Solar movies also have Anime on its platform, which attracts a large number of users. Its appearance is the copy of the F movies site with no difference in filters and categories.

16. XMovies8

This site is similar to megashare as it also doesn’t share direct videos, but it makes sure to give you working links os a movie or show and has HD quality content. Along with all current movies, it also provides you the Korean drama that is popular among youth.


17. House Movies

Housemovies gives you the dual option; you can download a movie or stream that online if you want. It is a free site with pretty good quality content. Every movie provides a short description for a better understanding of a plot, and it provides a rating too. All the content is well categorized into alphabetical order.

House movies site

18. Hulu

Hulu is a paid site, but it got great content. So to access all the great movies and shows, you have to get a subscription. As it has a mandatory subscription, it has no ads disturbing the entertainment, and you can take the customer support help anytime as it is available 24/7.


19. Vumoo

It has a very cool main page, which looks very colorful yet very simple. It has a straightforward categorization of its content as either movies or TV shows.


On the main page, all the top movies are listed already; scroll down the page and choose one of them, or you can search by name on the search, simple yet classy.

20. Movies 25

What will be better than free content along with HD quality and no forceful registration? This site gives you true freedom; click on the site in our browser and access all the content.

Movies 25

All the data is well characterized and has easy user access. This site also provides top-level anime series.

21. Movies4k

This is a top-rated site; initially, it was known y movies2k, but it goes upgraded by this name. All the content is in HD quality for free without any registration process.


This site also has the feature of placing a request for any missing content. Along with other categories to search it hot this special filter as “Actor,” now you can search by actor name and the whole list of their work will open in front of you.

Is Rainiertamayo safe?

Almost every site which provides content for movies and shows is not legal as they don’t have a copyright on all the content they are uploading. Most of the time, they upload without taking the original owner’s permission, so there are not legal and are always on the verge of shutting down.

Rainierlamd is also no legal site, but there’s no such risk that can harm you or your device. The only disturbance you can feel is popping ads while you will be browsing Rainiertamayo. As rainertamayo is a free site, its only income source is ads, so we shouldn’t be complaining about that.

Another possibility can be of the virus; as many ads are playing from various companies, there might be a possibility of a virus coming along.

If you are using a decent device, your device must have an antivirus; if not, it is better to install one and continuously check your device for viruses. It will be a chance event, so nothing to be a worry about. 

It is always asked by the sites to run a VPN on your device as it can ensure the safety of your device as it hides private tour information, gives you fast internet service, allows you to choose any other IP address and the content you are going through VPN will encrypt it giving you maximum safety for any harm from internet measure.

What happened to Rainiertamayo?

 As we already mentioned that Rainiertamayo is not a legal site as it uploads content without any copyright over them, which can lead to government actions against it and, in the end, shut down of the site.

Rainiertamayo is started by a person named Rainier Tamayo. The site got very famous in the field of movie providers and gained millions of users. As the site has grown this much, it also came in search of officials resulting in charges on the owner.

The Rainier was even got arrested by police for violating copyright issues in the year 2016. The site was not available for a long time, but it came back online after some time, but it is normal for a site to get banned or shut down.

It got closed again with this name, and it ended up renewing its name with something else. If you search Rainiertamayo, you won’t find the site on your browser, so try looking for rainiertamayo movies or rainier movies.

If you still can’t find the site try the other similar sites mentioned above in the article, which are a great alternative to rainiertamayo. 

Final Words

This article has summarized everything you might have wanted to know about rainiertamayo as rainertamato, its alternatives, whether it is safe or not, and why it is not available on the browser anymore.

In the article, we have mentioned the top 21 alternatives to rainiertamayo, which don’t lack anything comparative to rainiertamayo. You won’t have to compromise for anything related to content availability, it is quality, and the best point all the mentioned sites are completely free of cost.

Try the sites and choose what suits you best in terms of the content provider, and enjoy your free time with all your favorite movies and TV shows.

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