11 Best SubsMovies Alternatives (Sites Like SubsMovies)

Best SubsMovies Alternatives

Today in the internet world, we are almost totally dependent on the internet for news, entertainment, learning, etc. Entertainment like watching movies on alternatives like SubsMovies and series through the internet has become very popular these days.

When we are talking about watching movies online, then including the name of SubsMovies is a must as this site is a place which provided you free online streaming of movies, whether it is the latest or the old one.

But as this is illegal to stream the latest movies due to copyright issues, this site was banned, and now people are searching for its alternative. So if you are also interested to know about some of the best options for SubsMovies, then we wholeheartedly welcome you here in this article.

Top 11 SubsMovies Alternatives

It would aid if you always remember that this is not legal so try to spend money and then watch movies. Otherwise, we are there for you to help you out with finding the best sites for free online movie streaming.

Here we are listing the 11 best SubsMovies alternatives, so you can enjoy watching free online movie streaming without paying any money for it.

So if you were worried about what you will do after banning of SubsMovies, then bring a smile on your face, as we are here listening to the best alternatives just for you. But before we get started, let us know about the pros and cons of SubsMovies.


SubsMovies is a site where you can watch plenty of movies and series in different languages along with subtitles. The subtitle is the key to the popularity of SubsMovies as it makes it more comfortable for the viewers to watch movies of different languages.

Unlike other sites, SubsMovies provide subtitles in different languages, which is its unique feature. You can see online movie and series streaming free without any registration or subscription.

So you do not need to download and fill up your space. You will get a massive collection of movies of different genres as it is free, so ads are standard, but unlike other free sites in this, you will not get ads in between watching movies, which is a great thing about this site. Let us see some of its pros and cons to know more about SubsMovies. 


  • The user interface is straightforward. 
  • You can watch movies in HD quality. 
  • The movie genre is for all age groups available. 
  • A huge collection of series shows and movies are available. 
  • The layout of the site is beautiful. 
  • Subtitles are available in different languages. 


  • Ads are disturbing. 
  • Server issue due to the slow speed of the website. 
  • It is not legal and banned in some countries. 

1. 123movies

123movies is one of the best sites for watching online movies for free. It is an excellent alternative for SubsMovies as it has an extensive collection of movies for you to enjoy anywhere and any time of the day.

Suppose you are a movie maniac, then this for you as you have plenty of films to watch every day without paying any money for it and without downloading it. You can watch any movie online for free.


The only problem with this is its search function, which is not so good, but if we see its positive things, we can surely ignore its negatives.

2.  Los movies

Los movie is an excellent site for watching online movies in HD for free. You do not need to register or any subscription to watch the best movies free.

The best thing about Los movies is that it allows you to protect not only movies but also TV shows, cartoons, TV-series, box offices, etc. Without paying any money.

Los Movies

Now, you don’t need any TV to watch your favorite show or movie. You can watch it completely free of cost on your phone. You need just a good internet connection, that is it. So go with this fantastic site to watch anything you need to watch.

3. Putlocker

Putlockers is also one of the most popular sites for watching online movies for free. It offers you to watch movies in HD quality without any registration for free.

It has an ample amount of film available at its site, from classic to the latest ones. This makes it more impressive as you can watch your favorite movies anytime and anywhere to spend your free time in a better way.


One more thing which I like about this site is, you can not only watch movies online but can also download them and watch them whenever you want. This is one of the best SubsMovies Alternatives

4. SolarMovie

If you want to see movies and series with subtitles, here you go. This site helps you watch movies and TV series online for free, along with subtitles, to understand the dialogues better if the film’s language is not your mother tongue.


This site provides you with plenty of genres and a search option, making it easier for you to search for the movie you want to see. The only thing which can irritate is the ads that pop up while watching a movie. Otherwise, it’s an excellent alternative to SubsMovies. This can also be the Best SubsMovies Alternatives choice.

5. Rainierland

Rainierland is also very similar to SubsMovies. You can watch any movie on this site without any registration or paying any money or subscription. There are a variety of films with different genres and languages.


You can watch them just by clicking on it without doing any other processes. It also has the same problem as any other free site that has so many ads popping up.

Expect this problem there is no problem with this site and you can ant movie TV series with high resolution that’s too without paying any money on it.

6. FMovies

FMovies has a good interface, which makes it more attractive. You can watch movies of different genres and languages. Also, the search is user-friendly, so you can easily find what you need to see.

Best SubsMovies Alternatives

You can again watch your favorite movie in any language along with subtitles. Like all other sites mentioned in this list, this site is also free of cost for watching any movie online.

You do not have to register again or have a subscription to watch movies online for free.

7. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is a fantastic site for watching your favorite movie online for free. You do not need any registration or subscription to watch movies from this site.

This site is user-friendly, and the interface is straightforward, which makes it more memorable. There are a large of films out of which you can find your favorite one. The best thing about this site is, it is ad-free.

Best SubsMovies Alternatives

It’s not like other free movie watching spots, which have plenty of ads coming in between to distract you. You can enjoy your movie without any disruption or ads in between. This site also offers you to want paid movies, TV shows, and premium movies. 

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8. Stremio

Stremio is an excellent alternative to SubsMovies, with a massive library of movies available to you. You can watch them any time online without paying a single penny for it.

The only negative part about this site is you have to log in to the portal before enjoying all the kinds of stuff provided there. Its interface is something that attracts its viewers a lot.

Best SubsMovies Alternatives

Fast loading interface is also a thing that makes it more memorable. You can also mark your favorite movies and add them to your wish list so that you can quickly find them in a different place whenever you need to watch them. this is the best SubsMovies alternatives 

9. WatchOnlineSeries

WatchOnlineMovies is become more and more popular these days as an alternative to SubsMovies because of its interface and collection of different series and movies.

You can TV shows from other countries and languages here. Day by day, various updates are also coming to this website, making it more and better.

Best SubsMovies Alternatives
Watch onlineSeries

The problem with this site is its ads, which pop up while watching the show. But you can stop these ads by using adblocker.

10. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a very well designed website for watching online movies without paying any money. After visiting this site, you will feel like you are using SubsMovies because of its similarities with SubsMovies.

It has an extensive collection of different genre movies with a great search feature. You will get a vast array of old and latest films here.

Best SubsMovies Alternatives
Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix also has the same problem of so many ads coming in between to disturb you. Otherwise, you can go with this site as an alternative to SubsMovies. 

11. Moviegaga

Moviegaga is also an excellent alternative for SubsMovies. It has an extensive library of movie collections arranged attractively, making it easier for you to search out.


All the latest movies and shows in different languages are also available, which makes it more beautiful.

But the problem is you cannot download any of them, and as usual, ads are always there to irritate you. 

Is SubsMovies safe? 

As the site is not legal, so saying it safe is not okay. For best, go to traditional sites but using it doesn’t harm you. 

If SubsMovies legal?

No, it is not legal as the content provided by SubsMovies has no license and face copyright issues. 

Is that VPN mandatory for accessing the SubsMovies alternatives?

No, it’s not mandatory. It depends on your country, whether the site is banned or not at your place. 

Do I need a smart TV for the best experience? 

Yes, you can go for a smart TV for better results, but it is not mandatory; watching on another device is also not a bad option.  

Is there any importance in Wi-Fi and simple mobile data in using this?

Yes, using Wi-Fi would provide you better experience rather than using mobile data with slow speed. 

Final Words

So these were the 11 best alternatives to SubsMovies for you. These sites are very similar to SubsMovies. So you do not need to worry about not having access to SubsMovies as there is plenty of alternative to it.

You will enjoy all the features like SubsMovies, including watching movies and series of different languages online for free. So go through these sites and see how good they are and share with others searching for an alternative to SubsMovies. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have found what you have been in search of. 

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