21 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free (2021)

We’re all a bit addicted to Tv-shows. But sadly, the subscription of the apps like Netflix, Prime video is pretty heavy on pockets, isn’t it? What if we provide you with a FREE solution? Isn’t that awesome, to watch tv shows online for free? So sit back, relax.

Top 21 Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites in 2021

We have got your back. We have exhausted every single source on the internet to find these alternatives only for you! Scroll through and find some exciting sources where you can view your favourite shows online for free.

1. YouTube

We don’t need to tell you how fantastic YouTube is. It lets you watch videos, music, and selective TV-shows and movies, for FREE! It is a go-to solution for many internet users. According to many TV-Channels, YouTube makes it easier to watch TV shows have their YouTube channel, and they post the episodes there regularly.

You can subscribe to anything that you want, and YouTube will give you regular updates. Many gamers and content creators use YouTube to provide a lot of valuable information to subscribers. It is an extensive all-in-one platform for internet users.

watch tv shows online free

2. MX Player

What’s best? Mx Player is an Indian App. This OTT platform has around 280 M subscribers globally, and that’s kind of huge! MX-Player supports licensed content from major production houses. It also produces unique and interesting stream-able TV-shows in-house.

The MX-Player library has a content of around 12 languages. In India, many unique TV Shows like Hello Mini, Aashram, Flames are trending. A lot of Indian subscribers watch them. The current library’s runtime is of around 150,000+ hours. It includes movies, web-series, TV-shows and much more.

watch tv shows online free

3. Popcornflix

Go and grab a tub of popcorn, literally! Because this is one of the best websites that have around 100+ Tv shows and web-series. The content of various genres like sci-fi, horror, romcoms is available on Popcornflix.

It’s super-fun to watch as the TV series and movies are quite interesting and unique. The users can stream Popcornflix on many devices at a time. What’s another fun fact? It does not ask you to sign in and is legitimate and safe!

watch tv shows online free


4. Sony Crackle

This over-the-top streaming platform lets you watch your favourite TV shows in a fun way! Ask how? It has a distinctive feature of creating a personal watch list. The users need to create a free account to avail the services of Sony Crackle.

The UI is very simple and organized, which makes your viewing experience incredible. The only drawback of this app is the regional limitation. Since this platform is not available everywhere, you can use VPN and stream your favourite content for free!

watch tv shows online free

5. YuppTV

This website works specifically for India and allows you to watch Live Channels. Even if you don’t have a Television, YuppTv will serve that purpose for you. You can stream various types of channels and enjoy your favourites without a TV! It has some exclusive YuppTv original Tv shows, movies, and web series.

watch tv shows online free

6. SonyLiv

You can watch all the Sony TV channels on SonyLiv. Yes, you heard it right! You don’t even need a cable connection to enjoy Sony shows anymore. This app allows you to play selective Hindi TV shows for free. If you wish to watch English TV shows, sports, and news, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

It is a paid service that will further elevate your viewing experience. You need to visit the website and sign-in to enjoy this platform’s services.

watch tv shows online free

7. Hotstar Disney+

This OTT service offers you to watch selective content for free. Hotstar is known for its unique and quality content. If you wish to enable a few other streaming services of this app, you can upgrade and subscribe to VIP or premium. The free content available on Hotstar is quite a lot from the channels like Star Plus, Life okay, and others.

This is a good go-to solution for selective Hindi Tv shows, which are free on this website. If you are a premium user, you get access to many other global tv shows and movies. Hotstar, so far, is a great app if you wish to watch Hindi regional TV shows.

watch tv shows online free

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an add supported OTT. It is American, and its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. It will let you stream the content on multiple devices without paying for the services. Since this is an ad-based platform, so you will have to bear with some of the ads popping up while enjoying your favourite shows.

Its library has 20,000+ movies and tv shows, and the content keeps getting better with time. You can browse the category-specific content on this depending upon the genre that you’re looking for. It has partnered up with some major production houses and strives to put viewers’ best content on the website.

watch tv shows online free

9. 123Movies

This is a Vietnam-based platform. You can stream your favourite TV shows and movies or download them to view offline. Isn’t it exciting? It has many genres like action, horror, thriller, history, and many more. Be mindful of the ads displayed on the website as they might have a danger of exposing you to malware. 123movies will appear at the top of the search results since it has very interesting content.

watch tv shows online free


10. YesMovies

This platform does not compel you to register to avail of their amazing services. You can watch the latest Hollywood movies, Indie movies, and some good TV shows for free. You can switch between 360p and 720p according to your convenience.

This service is region-specific, and you might need a VPN to avail it in a few areas. What’s more? It shows you the ratings, trailers, reviews, and synopsis of the searched content. You can choose from a myriad of options of different genres on YesMovies. Happy Exploring!

watch tv shows online free

11. SubsMovies

Everything’s in the name here. SubsMovies is the best source to watch movies with close-captioned subtitles. SubsMovies is legit, but we advise you to be aware while clicking on the unknown pop-ups. This is a mobile-optimized streaming service, and it offers humungous options to choose from.

SubsMovies updates their content regularly for a better user experience. The only catch here is that it does not have a designated app. So, you will have to visit the website every time to wish to visit SubsMovies.

12. New PrimeWire

It offers music streaming services along with movies and TV Shows. New PrimeWire is power-packed with a lot of content. It allows you to search filter and rating wise. This further helps you to sort your preferences in a better way.

Sometimes a lot of ads pop up, which can be a bit annoying at times. PrimeWire has a huge library of contents that will only add fun to your watchlist! This website has a very easy user interface to add more comfort to your browsing experience.

13. LookMovie

You will be able to stream HD and super HD content on Lookmovies seamlessly, without registering. This website incorporates a superb interface. It comes with plenty of content, which includes classic all-time favourite Hollywood movies.

LookMovie has a good layout that lets you browse its multi-content genre with super ease. You have to be alert, as clicking on the play button re-directs you to other webpages. There is a lot of full-page ad interruption while streaming, which seems annoying.

14. EuroPixHD

EuroPixHD is a free live TV streaming platform and has all the latest series and TV shows of various genres. So, you have a lot of alternatives to select from. It does not require any registration. This platform has a comment section where the viewers can post their opinions/recommendations and interact with other users.

Sounds fun, eh? It has a pretty simple UI to ease your work. It has a huge content library available, so we guarantee that you’re going to love the EuroPixHD.

15. Solar Movie

The solar movie has gained a lot of users over the past few years. It offers you a huge range of movies and TV shows to view, without any registration. There are pop-ups and ads which can sometimes irritate a viewer. The only major drawback is that some major ISPs have blocked Solar Movie. So, it might not be a very available and ideal choice for the viewers.

16. Yify Movies

This is a Solar Movie like platform and lets you stream the content without registering. Yify Movies has good sorting options. It allows you to filter the content depending upon the genres, ratings, and year of release.

Ratings are a fairly reliable source while choosing the type of content that you want to watch. The layout and UI are also very simple. Yify Movies can be a good alternative to solar movies and has a decent content library to pick from.

17. Pulockers

This website lets you filter movies and Tv series according to the genre, HD or Non-Hd. Sounds very comfortable to us. Putlockers allows you to view IMDB ratings and reviews of the chosen content. This will help you to decide what to watch and what not to watch.

You can register complaints regarding audio, broken video files, missing download links. Putlockers also has a feature wherein it accepts movie requests from the users. The “most viewed” section shows the content preferred by a majority of the Putlockers users.

18. Vumoo

This website provides excellent quality content. You can watch your favourite movies and TV shows, free of cost. On top of that, it has come an exclusive collection of documentaries. Even if registration is not mandatory, registering first can offer you an added comfort while browsing the Vumoo website.

The users mostly dislike the UI of this website as it seems very unorganized. But it’s free, so some discomfort is okay as you get to save a penny.

19. Afdah

It is an OTT platform that lets users watch the content online for free. Afdah does not take responsibility for the available content and can not tag as a very authentic source. Afdah allows you to stream on multiple devices.

It provides details, ratings, and other information about each preference. This will be easier for you to decide on the type of content that you want to watch. It is a very fast website, but it is banned in many countries.

20. ConTV

It is an OTT service provider of the content to the Comic-Con community. CONtv was launched in March 2015. The most interesting part of ConTv is that it allows you to access funny ‘behind the scenes’ videos of all-time popular Tv shows and movies.

You can also check upcoming videos or comics. You need to register on ConTv first, and it will then provide you access to the content. Simply put, it is a destination (digital, of course) for all the Comic-Con fans.

21. Vudu

Vudu offers free as well as premium content. You simply need to create an account to watch selective free TV shows and movies. You can buy or rent the blockbuster hits on Vudu. All-time popular selective classic Hollywood content, sitcoms, and many more options are available for free.

You might have to bear with some ads and pop-ups when enjoying the free content. The UI is very simple, and it lets you filter the content according to your preference.

Techallay Best Recommendation

We know that you will flood us with many questions like ‘is it safe?’, ‘do I need to register to watch tv shows online free?’,’ is it legal?’ and whatnot. Rest assured, we’re here. Many of these websites are legitimate and safe.

On the other hand, some websites have content that might create copyright infringement issues, so you have to be alert before deciding which platform to choose. Do not click on any suspicious ads that demand your personal information. Have antivirus software installed in your system to be on the safer side.

Where Can I Watch TV Shows Online For Free?

Many of the above-listed websites like Popcornflix, LookMovie, Youtube, YesMovies, EurpoPixHd, and others allow you to view the content without registering. So, you can hide your digital footprints and still watch tv shows online for free.

Is It Legal To Watch TV Shows Online For Free?

From all of the above websites, we would recommend you to choose MPlayer and/or Popcornflix. These websites have a huge content library, and users can browse the content safely. The MX Player App’s added advantage is that it’s a total Desi App and has a lot of Hindi/Marathi dubbed movies.

So the regional watchers can enjoy Hollywood movies in their regional languages. All thanks to you, MX Player, for breaking this language barrier for us.

What Websites Can I Watch Free TV Shows Without Signing Up?

Popcornflix also has a good content library of various popular Hollywood series and movies like ‘Unsolved Mysteries,” Kitchen Nightmares,’ and many others.

Final Words

These are the best sites for you, according to us. Explore these websites, have fun watching the content and, yes, thank us later! Our team has researched extensively to find the best available solutions.

So that you can get to enjoy free tv shows and movies curled up in your bed while sipping on your cola bottle. Feel free to run your own ‘Sherlock Holmes’ research and let us know if you find any other good stuff from the internet world.

We would also suggest you be aware if you want to watch tv shows online for free. Take all necessary and preventive measures that will ensure your safety online. Do not visit the unknown website as the villains (hackers, silly you!) are ready with their tools to attack you anytime. So just wear your anti-phish suit and go check out our recommendations today! Happy Watching!

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